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Community Safety Coordination Center

The CSCC is defined as:

The Community Safety Coordination Center (CSCC) works across City agencies and in service to community to implement a comprehensive approach to address the root causes of violence - trauma, lack of educational and job opportunity, and community blight.

As part of the team in this effort led by Mayor Lori Lightfoot's administration, in an initiative for crime reduction, I was charged with maintaining style consistency using HTML/CSS/JS throughout this microsite while authoring content and other assets throughout their pages.

Chicago Department of Public Health

At the Chicago Department of Public Health, I was part of a 2-person development team that was in charge of redesigning the look and architecture of the 300-page department site. Starting with the basic architecture of the front page, we implemented a new HTML and CSS framework to correspond with its following pages. As you might know, Government website styles and architecture are typically kept under a lock and key to avoid breaking or confusion for those who simply want to post specific content. This means that every page we managed had to be hard-coded with inline HTML/CSS/JS to thread the styles and animations throughout the pages.

Pizza Lobo

Pizza Lobo is one of Heisler Hospitality's many restaurant concepts. It's a pizza parlor located in the heart of Logan Square Chicago. We were charged with creating a new design with animations, music, and ecommerce functionality. All content is original, including photography and video, barring menu items and other commercial assets.

Spirit Snacks

Spirit Snacks is a microsite developed for Kevin Heisner, a Chicago + NYC based new-media artist for his NFT drop that took place this summer. This was in collaboration with ON-BD, his representation and NFT curating group based in NYC.


MealOutpost is the first decentralized (web3) restaurant group to exist. This was built in .threeJS.

Tractatus Design Studio

Tractatus Design Studio is a design company dedicated to progressive web design and development, headed by myself and colleague. We have developed websites, ads, and informational materials/assets for major hospitality groups and non-profit organizations in the Greater Chicago and NYC areas. We continue to evolve by developing programs branching into outreach programs around Chicago, focusing on the betterment of our communities.

Let Loose Chicago

LetLoose is a conceptual event curated by Matt Maroni, a renowned Chef based in the Greater Chicago area. This microsite is the first step to acquiring tickets/reservations for an immersive dining experience set in different locations around the city.

Let's Connect

I love connecting with folks who share the same enthusiasm for great design. I'm always open to new projects. Let's talk about how we can make your vision a reality.